Waiting for Fonzie

Waiting for Fonzie.

From the Desk of the Family Jules

The term Jumping the Shark can be traced back to the fifth season of the celebrated sitcom Happy Days when one of the main characters, Arthur Fonzarelli (Fonzie) played by Henry Winkler, proved his toughness by jumping on water skis over a shark in a cage while the 50’s era group of friends were visiting Los Angeles.

While it is true that the show continued on for another seven seasons after this fateful event, any Happy Days aficionado (I know you’re out there) will tell you that the scene with Fonzie jumping the shark was the beginning of the end for arguably one of the most popular shows in network TV history.


The term jumping the shark now signifies the moment when something has crested, a bad decision was made, we took a wrong turn, etc.

Have private company valuations jumped the shark?  Let’s review some of the recent largesse garnered…

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